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Sometimes, when it comes to make money online and starting your online business, you may experience that it’s not worth the pain. Everybody out there claims that they have the “ultimate formula” to make your success thrive, but after purchasing a product, you discover that it’s not nearly what you expected. Leading an online business can be really difficult, and if you don’t keep off these 3 little known errors that every newbie makes, your internet marketing career, and your online business, will be down.Anyway, promoting a website and making money online is not that difficult, once you realize the work to become a successful internet marketer. Let’s see.Online Business Error 1: “Push a button and get rich” mentality.Internet is no simple business. A web business requires that you put effort and be patient in order to start seeing money flowing, but it surely pays out. In any case, being easier to mount an online business than investing on a “real” business, may give you the false impression that online projects are the path to make a quick dollar.

This is not so. It is not that simple to make money online. Some people even had to wait about a year to start seeing the yields of their labor. It is never an overnight success. It takes patience and persistence. You have to set your goals first on establishing your reputation and image before you start searching at the benefits.Error 2: Not having a business plan.Internet marketing should be seen as any other project. You won’t start your own market store unless you have a respectable plan for it, right? OK then, why putting so much money and time in a market or a webpage that will not work? Internet makes it easier to research and to know precisely what people are looking for, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a business plan.How much money do you want to produce? How long will it need to do it? How hard are you willing to work? Answer these inquiries now and then start with your online business plan.Error 3: ScamsInternet scams are everywhere. The Internet is a niche where all of us can share just about everything, their ideas, accomplishments, occupations, interests, etc. It’s free for all and is accessible to just about everyone.

The Internet is a big help for job seekers, students and business communities but it is as well a breeding earth for unscrupulous people. Since you are not trading with people personally it has become very easy for criminals to fool people through the Internet.Scams online are rampant. I’ve learned of many people who have been fooled and who have been robbed. Just like what they say, “If it is too good to be true, then it probably is”. Do not fall for get rich quick schemes.In order to keep off scams, you should count with a tested and safe scheme that works. And I surely have mine. Do you have yours?For more information on how to make money online, check Online Business Nasty Secrets webpage.

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Searching for the best online business ideas is a good way to make your transition from employee to entrepreneur…However, becoming an entrepreneur is never easy if you’ve been stuck all your life as a hostage employee, as there’s always a learning curve. And most of this is simply getting out of the mindset of trading time for money, and into the mindset of giving more in value than you take in financial gain.But that mindset transition will send you into taking control of your life in a way you never believed were possible.Of course, the best online business ideas will enable you to achieve a way higher level of income than you could ever imagine when you compare it to working as an employee…So where’s the “meat and potatoes”?OK… here’s a 5-step formula to follow to make sure that the choice you make can teach you how to run a successful business online and give you enough space to transform your mindset from employee to entrepreneur:The Best Online Business Ideas Contain a Means for Viral Sustainability…”Viral sustainability” means that it’s a business that is sustained by the efforts of other people. For online marketers, it’s turning one lead into two or more.

Consider these guidelines for the best online business ideas..1) The best online business contains a valuable product with nothing to ship.What do I mean by that? Well, for example, people are constantly paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for e-books with information. Digital informational such as this is first and foremost of the best online business ideas, as you don’t want to be caught up having to pack and ship products.After all, you want to train yourself to become the boss, not a freight shipper!Digital products that are sent out automatically are best, because the more automatic you can make your business, the more time you’ll have for marketing.2) The best online business should pay you 100% commissions after business expenses.By business expenses, I mean the costs for marketing and administration. The reason I mentioned the E-book idea above is that it would be your own creation; and, therefore, it would pay 100% commissions. Also, it can be sustained on autopilot with a buy button on your blog.What about network marketing products?While the average network marketing product is not really a “scam”, as some people think, the problem with sustaining your network marketing sales on autopilot is that people really need to build relationships in order to join your business.This means that, once you become “successful”, you wind up finding yourself on the phone all day and night building your business. This does not create leverage in your business. Also, the average 20% commission level is not enough to pour into marketing. And, even with the best online business ideas, marketing does cost money!3) The best online business contains an up-sell option in your program.Any successful businessperson will tell you that it’s easier to sell more to a current customer than to get additional customers. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to have an automatic up-sell feature as you work online from home? Your initial products should be very cost-effective to lure your customer in… and the up-sell products can be more expensive after you’ve gained the customer’s trust.

4) The best online business contains compelling capture pages.This is also called the “landing page”, or page that the prospect lands on first where he is prompted to enter his email for additional information. You need to take special care in creating this page because it means the difference between “capturing” your lead, and losing your lead.5) The best online business contains professional ad-copy.”Ad-copy” is marketing terms for good writing that touches people on an emotional level. The most cost-effective way of starting an online business, of course, is blogging. This is where your learning curve is the most transforming. Keep in mind that your blog is the “internet you”, so as long as you keep it real and relate your real life stories in the form of blog posts or videos, people who follow you will come to know you.Once you get the above 5 features setup on autopilot, it’s advisable to invest in outsourcing to maintain the online business to “sustain itself”.